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Einstein Flashcards Essay Examples

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History Notes

How did Russia’s withdrawal affect the German war effort? The withdrawal enabled Germany to focus its efforts on the Western Front. Which best describes what Einstein’s theories tried to explain? how the physical world functions Why did Singapore secede from Malaysia? Its primarily Chinese population was facing threats and conflict from the Malay majority of…


Music can be defined as an art based on the organization of sounds in time The relative highness or lowness of a sound is called pitch The __________ of a sound is decided by the frequency of its vibrations. pitch If a pitch vibrates at 880 cycles, the octave below would vibrate at ___________cycles. 440…

Since 1900

Recorded music was not available until 1897 with the invention of the 78 rpm disk A counter-reaction to modernism that drew on more traditional uses of the elements was neoclassicism In Voiles, Debussy employs both the whole tone and pentatonic scales The climax of Voiles is achieved by a shift in dynamics The sounds Debussy…



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Music 241

Listen to the excerpt. The primary rhythmic motif (short-short-short-long) is played first by which instruments in this excerpt? horns Listen to the excerpt. In this excerpt, the strings and which group alternate playing the main rhythmic motif of the movement? full orchestra How many symphonies did Beethoven complete? nine The rhythm of the opening motif…

Hewitt Chap. 35

If you walk 1km/h down the isle of a train that moves 60km/h what is your speed relative to the ground? 61km/h In the previous question, is your approximate speed relative to the Sun as you walk down the isle of the train slightly more or much more? much more – 110,000km/h what hypothesis did…

chem 4-5

amplitude waves height from zero to the crest wavelength distance between two crests frequency the number of wave cycles to pass a given point per unit of time ROYGBIV visible colors in order from lowest frequency to highest frequency aufbau principle electrons occupy the orbitals of the lowest energy levels first pauli exclusion principle an…

World War ll Topic test review

Which of the following organized Kristallnacht? the Nazi government In the report below, a Nazi officer describes the evacuation of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943. “The execution of this transfer order [to move all the Jews in the ghetto to concentration camps] proved to be very difficult, since the managers as well as the Jews…

End of the War in the Pacific

During the US occupation of Japan after World War II, Japan’s military was not retrained by the US military. used to help rebuild cities. Who was in charge of US forces in Japan following World War II? General MacArthur How did changes that the US made affect Japan’s economy after World War II? not Japan…

Cultural and Intellectual Trends Quiz

In the postwar era, the increased availability and affordability of cars most facilitated which social change? the growth of suburbs Which type of music most influenced the emergence of jazz in the postwar era? spirituals The graph shows the percentage of US homes with electricity. Between 1910 and 1930, what was the approximate increase in…

Technology in Action Chapter 1 Assessment

Which is NOT a technology that has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis? QR codes Cognitive surplus means that we now find many people with Excess time and free tools for collaboration Collaborative consumption is when people get together to Increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it…

Einsteins explanation of the PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT

photo light Electric Electrons According to classic physics, what should happen in the Photoelectric effect All wavelengths and frequencies should be able to dislodge electrons How did Einstein use the ideas in Planck’s theory to explain the photoelectric effect? Einstein applies Plancks theory by showing that the blue light has more energy than the red…

Chapter 30 History Section 2

Marie Curie This female scientist proved that radio-activity, when properly applied, was an effective treatment of some diseases. Cubism A style of art in which the subject matter is portrayed by geometric forms, especially cubes Bauhaus A German interdisciplinary school of fine and applied arts T.S. Elliot American poet in exile in London, wrote “The…

Technology in Action: Ch. 1 assessment // quiz

Which technology has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis? -social networking -Ushahidi -email Cognitive surplus means that we now find many people with? excessive time and free tools for collaboration Collaborate consumption is when people get together to? increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it. Crowdfunding helps…

Music 201

The opening of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is probably both the briefest and the best known theme in all of music. a. True In his art song, “Erlkonig,” Schubert uses a repetitive rhythmic figure at the beginning to capture the constant forward movement of the pair on horseback and the sound of the hooves racing against…

Chapter 13 MyPsychLab

Based on research from a variety of sources, it seems that approximately _____ of variations in personality traits are caused by environmental influences. one-half ____ studies how much of an individual’s personality is inherited behavioral genetics Hofstede found that the United States is low in power distance studies have shown the the Big Five personality…

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